Am a closet nudist; and very comfortable about it.

Am a closet nudist; and very comfortable about it.

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Let me start by saying that I did not know about the existence and classification of nudists and naturist societies. Call me dumb, but that is true, to me, getting my clothes off and having my moment in the house was something so normal. Sometimes I thought about how it would feel to take the short trip to the shops naked, but I would laugh at the idea, I can do that very easily, but I hated the attention. I was all right, in the privacy of my home with nobody to ask me questions or stare at me.

It is probably because I am naturally a self-sufficient person, it has nothing to do with me not loving my body, I just don’t like being in a group of people. People are created differently, while others like being in the spotlight, I’d rather stay in the silence of the shadows. I have been called weak and timid because of this, I am not, but I can’t prove to everyone. My parents know this too well, they never had a hard time with me while I was in school. Not because I was a perfect student, but because I dealt with my problems and people who caused them.

I find being a closet nudist satisfactory to me; I wouldn’t want to go to a nude drinking or gathering and have people start unending conversations with me. Needless to mention, these conversations would be one sided which sounds rude. However much I try, I find the company of a crowd somehow irritating; it is not like I hate the people, I just don’t want them to think that I can fit in their lives or them in mine.

I am a loner; I prefer my own company as it had been even when growing up. Being the only child, I learned to find happiness on my own mainly because we used to shift from one place to another a lot due to my father’s mobile job. It was therefore hard to make friends. I have nothing to complain about that; I did have a happy life because I had everything I wanted. Thriving to me comes when I am left in the company of abundant privacy and independence.

The main reason for being a nudist in the first place is because I used and still have a lot of time alone. I have never been under any pressure to come out of the closet, so I have become accustomed to living like that. My life simply involves dressing up when going to work and then immediately I step in the house, the clothes drop off my body. This habit was so automatic to me; I did not need to try so hard not think about it.

My hunger for solitude does not make me push people away, I get relatives and the few friends who visit sometimes, I have no problem with that. When it is a visitor who will stay for some time, and I miss being in the nude, I simply go to my bedroom and do my things there until needed downstairs.  I have a small circle of friends, none of them so close except one who is also a nudist.

This nudist friend of mine seems to understand me, he does not force me to move around with him, but we have nude drinking once in a while. When I have a problem that I need someone to talk to, I call my mother who is always more than willing to talk. This is because I rarely tell her things about my life, after all, she is my mom, and understands me better, she gives me my space when I want to talk, I find her.

People have expressed their concerns about my life; one even suggested that I should visit a psychiatrist why is so hard to convince people that I am very contented with my life? I have people that I love, and I know they love me so dearly; I also have a well-paying job and a girl that I am getting to know. The perception that people have about loners is terrible, either way, I don’t think we have to live the whole of our lives explain things to anyone.

I did not say I hate having fun; I have the best of it depending on what I feel like doing. I get to have peaceful nude drinks; I watch movies, I invite friends over and so on. The first fun to me is that I can roam around my house and compound in my birthday suit. I understand that somewhere out there, there are people like me, and even in the nudist circle. I would love to meet them; People with whom I can a comfortable silence with.

So, I will remain a closet nudist, not because I am shy but because I love having a private life. There is no major distinction between me and any other nudist out there except having a different preference on publicity. I had benefitted greatly from being a nudist even when at first I had no idea that my habit was a very healthy one.

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