Finding happiness; My first best friend was a nudist!

Finding happiness;  My first best friend was a nudist!

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I have been cowering over the idea of going to parties or having fun for a very long time until I got a high-spirited friend who could not take a no for an answer. Worse or better still, she was the kind of a person who believed that people needed to let their bodies breath once in a while.. she was a nudist. And that is how the poor me was mischievously influenced into believing that I could enjoy staying nude; I did like and stuck to it. Being a shy type, I tried living as a closet nudist before I found people with whom we could get out together and have some nudist fun.

I hadn’t known that my life would change that much when I ventured away from home.  I had just moved here to work, and my job partner was this one beautiful girl who ended up changing my life significantly.  I have never had the opportunity of having too much freedom at my disposal; my home was a stringent one, and my stepfather had eyes everywhere in a manner that if I ever tried to do something he disapproved of, it often ended up as with scolding. I have therefore always dreamt of leaving home. Due to my withdrawn behavior, I did not have so many friends and rarely went out to have fun.

Immediately after college, I decided that I was going to look for work very far away from home, and I did get one seven hours drive from home. I must have been among him few youngsters who take the risk of venturing far from home; I knew that was the only way I could get peace of mind from my controlling stepfather.  It is normal that I was a little afraid that I was better off facing my temporary fears than living in everlasting concerns. This simple step of believing in myself was opening a new chapter in my life which was for the first time, filled with sincere happiness.

Meeting Lauren was a blessing to me; she must have handled a person of my behaviors at one point of her life because she had a way of making things look like my idea and not here. This was a great motivation, she turned up to be my support system in my new life, I did not feel pressured by her efforts to fix me in the typical societal system because she did it with care and understanding. I particularly remember how she convinced me to do little things in the nude accompanied by amusing explanations, but it all turned out to be a thrill.

When I was struggling to settle in my house, Lauren was excited about helping especially with the washing. Now, this is where she said cleaning while naked is good because we will not need to worry about staining our favorite cloth. The idea was excellent! We just needed a nice music collection, and within a few hours, we were done with everything completely. I had never imagined that I would end up a nudist, but here I am. Like I already mentioned, Lauren was so good at convincing and it was easier because it was just the two of us.

Lauren knew the town well; they moved here when she was in high school with her family, and she has fallen in love with the city. I am so envious of how she talks about her family with such pride; I cannot have such a conversation with a straight face because it is so emotional for me given the fact that my very own mum ha never stood up to protect me. But I grew up with a protective shield around my emotions; I will let it go, as long as they stay away from me. I was hopeful that I would form a bond with my step brother who is six years younger than I but he has grown into a monster of his kind.

Lauren probably has no idea that she is the first person I have ever allowed get this close to me, and the only way I agreed to join her in nudism was because I liked her free-spiritedness. The other reason is that at this point in my life, I am very open to anything I think is fun but could not have practiced it at home because of my parents. I have come to learn about the benefits of nudism, later on, I thought it was just for enjoyment, but I am surprised.

For instance, I have had a better sleeping pattern than I ever did when before, this is obviously a combination of the fact that I moved away from my home which was full of worries and nudism but I think sleeping naked ha contributed a lot to my peace of mind. I have embraced the habit of spending my time in the house in the nude realized that it helps the stress melt away. I am so grateful to Lauren who is so far the only best friend I have for now.

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